Flexible and cost-effective SIP trunk solutions

If you’re looking for a trusted SIP trunk provider to help keep your business telephone system costs down with a reliable system which can be easily scaled as your business needs change, we could have the perfect solution.

SIP trunking enables you to operate your business telephone system through an internet connection. Capable of transmitting different types of data, such as voice, video, files and more, SIP trunking consolidates all your communication channels into one service, so you no longer have to pay and manage multiple, overlapping networks.

With the option to have a complete SIP solution or combine it with current IDSN phone lines, as a knowledgeable SIP trunk provider, we will help identify whether SIP is right for your business. 

Business benefits of switching to SIP trunks

SIP trunking is an ideal solution for many businesses as it offers a greater degree of reliability and flexibility when compared to standard business telephone systems. Key benefits include:

  • Keeps your costs down: calls are made over your broadband connection enabling your business to benefit from cheaper national and international calls.

  • Offers complete scalability: with SIP trunking you can easily add more lines when demand is high or reduce them when demand is low –  all within a matter of hours. 

  • Unifies your communications: Combine voice, fax and data into a single, converged solution ensuring your communications are easier to manage, operate and upgrade.

  • Provides business continuity: systematically re-routing incoming calls to other offices, voicemail boxes or employee mobile devices, you can be confident all customer calls are always answered.

  • Keep your numbers wherever you go: as SIP trunks are exchange independent, if you move offices outside your current exchange area, you’ll still be able to keep your existing numbers.

Why choose ontel as your SIP trunk provider

As a top SIP trunk provider, over the years we’ve worked with everyone from Bristol tech start-ups, SMEs in Chesham to international corporates helping them cut costs and build profits.


Our service offers:

  • An end-to-end service so will be with you every step of the way from helping your business define requirements to overseeing installation and configuration.
  • Compatibility testing, so you’ll know at an early stage whether or not your existing hardware is compatible with SIP. We won’t ever tell you to upgrade your hardware unnecessarily.
  • Flexible contracts with minimum term lengths

And for your peace of mind, we will always use plain English, so you have a clear idea of how everything works and what is included in our service.