Draytek Vigor 2927ac Gigabit Router

The Vigor 2927ac is a Dual-Ethernet WAN router featuring VPN, advanced routing features, firewall, content filtering, bandwidth management and more. It offers high throughput with Load Balancing and Failover connectivity, suitable for handling Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and Gigabit Internet connections. Offering up to 950Mbps per-WAN of Hardware Accelerated throughput while retaining its full feature set.

With 802.11ac wireless, it provides fast wireless coverage to your network’s computers and devices. In addition, the router can connect to Wireless networks for Internet access, allowing it to make use of Mobile Hotspot wireless connections and nearby wireless networks, where for instance a neighbour’s wireless network could provide an emergency backup connection.


Gigabit Router with Wi-Fi

The DrayTek Vigor 2927 series Dual-WAN Load Balancing Firewall VPN Gigabit router allow you to make the most of FTTP Fibre Broadband with Gigabit WAN
throughput, extensive Firewall, Content Filtering, VPN client/server and Quality of Service controls.
Along with model options for fast WiFi and integrated 4G/LTE modem to take advantage of mobile broadband, the Vigor 2927 series provides a reliable,
flexible, and secure network solution, that’s ideal for Small Business and Home Offices.

  • Gigabit-Dual WAN Load Balancer

    High throughput handles fast Internet connections, with Load Balancing and Route Policy.

    AC1300 Wireless with Mesh

    Dual-Band 802.11ac wireless on ‘ac’ models. Use the router as the Mesh Root with DrayTek Mesh.

    5+1 Gigabit LAN Ports with VLANs

    Extensive LAN management features, use VLANs to manage up to 8 networks.

    Firewall & Content Filtering

    Manage Internet access with Firewall, App Enforcement & Category-based Web Filtering.

    DrayDDNS with LetsEncrypt Certificates

    Free DrayDDNS address for each router, with automated LetsEncrypt SSL/TLS Certificates.

    Hotspot Web Portal

    Provide Internet access to guests and market your business with captive portal.

    DrayTek SSL VPN

    Access the Vigor 2927ac’s network remotely with a TLS encrypted VPN tunnel.

    Ideal VPN Router for SMB

    Up to 50 active VPN tunnels, with up to 800Mbps IPsec Hardware Accelerated throughput.

    Designed for Centralised Management

    Easily provision, monitor and manage remote sites without on-site IT or dedicated staff.

    High Availability

    Connect a pair of Vigor 2927 series routers to provide a hardware backup solution.

    Quality of Service with App QoS

    Easily prioritise latency-sensitive applications on your network with App QoS.

    Centralised LAN Management

    Easily manage and provision DrayTek VigorAP access points and VigorSwitch switches.

    Dual Gigabit WAN Load Balancer

    DrayTek Vigor 2927 Router Interfaces

    The Vigor 2927ac is a Dual-Ethernet WAN gigabit router featuring VPN, advanced routing features, firewall, content filtering, bandwidth management and more. It offers high throughput with Load Balancing and Failover connectivity, suitable for handling Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and Gigabit Internet connections. Offering up to 950Mbps per-WAN of Hardware Accelerated throughput while retaining its full feature set.

    With 802.11ac wireless, it provides fast wireless coverage to your network’s computers and devices. In addition, the router can connect to Wireless networks for Internet access, allowing it to make use of Mobile Hotspot wireless connections and nearby wireless networks, where for instance a neighbour’s wireless network could provide an emergency backup connection.

    Route Policy – Powerful Routing Management

    The Vigor 2927ac series provides full policy-based control of where and how outbound traffic is routed with Route Policy:

    VPN Routing
    Send all or select traffic through VPN services.
    Hostname Routing
    Route access to individual websites, Internet domains (e.g. www.bbc.co.uk) and hostnames through a VPN tunnel or a specific WAN.
    Service Routing
    Push specific services or ports, such as DNS, through a set WAN, an alternative Gateway or VPN Tunnel.
    Failover & Failback
    Extensive control of Failover with multiple Failover rules and paths. Manage how connections are moved back to the primary connection, after a failover has occurred with Failback settings.
    DrayTek Route Policy and VPN Service Connectivity

    Wireless LAN

    DrayTek Mesh Wireless

    The 2927ac provides 802.11ac simultaneous Dual-Band wireless for fast and efficient wireless connectivity. Multi-User MIMO allows the router to send to more than one device at a time, with each of its Antennas streaming data to different devices at once, improving efficiency over standard 802.11ac wireless and allowing the router to effectively serve more wireless clients.

    With firmware 4.3.0, the Vigor 2927ac wireless gigabit router can be used as part of DrayTek’s Mesh wireless system, allowing the router to work as the Mesh Root, providing Internet access and management of Mesh VigorAPs directly.

    Ideal VPN Gigabit router for SMB

    DrayTek VPN Features

    A feature central to DrayTek routers is its VPN (Virtual Private Networking) capabilities. A VPN enables you to link remote offices and branch offices back to HQ, or home-based/mobile teleworkers back to your office.

    The Vigor 2927ac is an ideal VPN Gigabit router, with 300 Mbps standard IPsec VPN throughput and up to 50 concurrently active VPN tunnels.

    With IPsec Hardware Acceleration available from firmware 4.2.2, performance increases up to 800 Mbps for 16 VPN tunnels, allowing securely encrypted tunnels between sites to make full use of high speed Internet connections.

    It supports all common industry standard VPN protocols, for it to connect to VPN services, link remote offices and handle connections from all types of VPN clients. Supporting IPsec IKEv1 & IKEv2 protocols with EAP and XAuth authentication, DrayTek’s SSL VPN and L2TP for both LAN to LAN and Dial-In teleworker VPNs. In addition, teleworkers can connect to the router with OpenVPN.

    User management for Dial-In Teleworkers is managed through the router’s web interface, with mOTP 2-factor authentication available for IPsec, L2TP and SSL VPN Teleworker connections. Alternatively, authentication for Dial-In Teleworker connections can be forwarded to your Active Directory (LDAP) or RADIUS or TACACS+ server.

    Connect VPNs from behind NAT with DrayTek’s VPN Matcher

    DrayTek VPN Matcher system

    A typical requirement for connecting a VPN tunnel between two points is that the VPN server must be directly accessible on the public Internet. Sometimes this can be achieved with NAT Port Forwarding if the router is located behind another router, but if the router is connected to 4G Mobile Broadband or is behind Carrier-Grade NAT (CG-NAT), connecting to that VPN server may be impossible.

    DrayTek’s new VPN Matcher service helps DrayTek routers behind NAT to allow Dial-In Teleworkers to connect, or connect two DrayTek VPN routers that are behind NAT and could not normally establish a VPN tunnel.

    Connect an OpenVPN Teleworker to a DrayTek router behind NAT

    Connect two DrayTek router’s behind NAT with a LAN-to-LAN VPN

    Connecting Remote Sites with LAN to LAN VPN

    Supporting up to 50 concurrently active VPN tunnels, the Vigor 2927 series is ideal for connecting multiple sites or home offices together with fast and secure IPsec VPN tunnels.

    Once connected, they have access to your office/remote resources through a secure encrypted tunnel allowing remote desktop, file sharing and seamless access to other resources and devices.

    DrayTek VPN Features

    DrayTek SSL VPN for Dial-In Teleworkers & LAN to LAN

    DrayTek SSL VPN

    The Vigor 2927ac supports up to 25 active DrayTek SSL VPN tunnel connections. These are encrypted tunnels linking your teleworkers or remote DrayTek Vigor routers back to your main office using SSL/TLS technology – the same encryption that you use for secure web sites such as your bank.

    Teleworkers can easily create a secure SSL VPN tunnel to the DrayTek Vigor 2927 using the free DrayTek Smart VPN Client app. Available for Windows, macOS, Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices.

    You can download the SmartVPN client and learn more about DrayTek SSL VPNs here.

    5+1 Gigabit LAN Ports with VLANs

    The Vigor 2927 series provides up to 6 Gigabit LAN ports for wired links to Computers, Servers and Network Attached Storage.

    With 5 dedicated LAN ports and one flexible LAN/WAN port, the Vigor 2927 can connect up to 6 devices directly with a single Ethernet WAN configuration, or 5 devices with a dual Ethernet WAN configuration.

    With Multiple LAN subnets and VLANs, the Vigor 2927 can manage up to 8 separate networks. For instance, an internal network with a separate network for Guests to use, completely separate from the private network. Each network with its own Content Filtering, Firewall, Quality of Service and Route Policy applied.

    The router has full support for 802.1Q VLAN tagging, so that these subnets can be passed to other devices that support VLAN tags, such as the DrayTek VigorSwitch G1080 8-port switch, for additional network ports.

    The Wireless LAN also links to these VLANs, making the same Guest & Private networks possible simply using different wireless SSIDs. Or connect up a DrayTek VigorAP wireless access point, such as the VigorAP 903 to do the same, spanning the router’s own wireless and any connected wireless APs.

    Designed for Central Management

    The Vigor 2927 series (along with most other DrayTek routers, Access points and switches) can be centrally managed by our VigorACS central management platform.

    This scalable solution provides visibility, control and reporting of your entire DrayTek product estate, ideal for dealers/SIs managing customers’ devices or any user who wants to know what’s going on with their devices. VigorACS also provides features like automated/bulk firmware updates, VPN management and alarms for connectivity or other issues.

    For full details of VigorACS, click here.

    Robust & Comprehensive IPv4 / IPv6 Firewall

    Security is always taken seriously with DrayTek routers. The firewall protects against attacks including DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, IP-based attacks and access by unauthorised remote systems. Wireless, Ethernet and VPN are also protected by various protection systems.

    The DrayTek object-based firewall enables you to create combinations of Firewall rules and Content Filtering to suit a home or small office environment, applying Content Filtering to the whole network, only specified devices or just the network that guests can connect to.

    The Vigor 2927 supports both IPv4 and IPv6 with Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6. Advanced networking features, such as the object-based Firewall, Quality of Service, Content Filtering and VLANs support both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

    Web Content Filtering with DNS Filter

    GlobalView Categories

    The content control features of the Vigor 2927 allow you to set restrictions on web site access, blocking download of certain file or data types, blocking specific web sites with whitelists or blacklists, blocking IM/P2P applications or other potentially harmful or wasteful content. Restrictions can be per user, per PC or universal and according to time schedules.

    Content filtering can also block sites using HTTPS/SSL where URLs are encrypted (and normal routers cannot block).

    Using the GlobalView service, you can block whole categories of web sites (e.g. gambling, adult sites etc.), subject to an annual subscription, which is continuously updated with new or changed site categorisations or sites which have become compromised (such as infected with Malware). A free 30-day trial is included with your new Gigabit router.

    DrayDDNS – DrayTek Dynamic DNS Address

    DrayTek provides a free Dynamic DNS address to each Vigor 2927 Gigabit router, allowing you to link the router’s current IP address to a memorable “drayddns.com” hostname, such as “vigor2927.drayddns.com”.

    DrayTek DrayDDNS with LetsEncrypt Certificate

    This address automatically updates whenever the Internet connection’s IP changes, so if one WAN’s IP address allocation is dynamic, or the IP changes when switching from the primary WAN connection to a backup, you can easily locate and access your Vigor 2927 Gigabit router. Just use the hostname to access the router’s VPN services, management and any other services you have made accessible through the router.

    The Vigor 2927 can also authenticate your DrayDDNS hostname with free SSL/TLS certificates provided by LetsEncrypt, the router manages and automates the certificate process. Keeping the certificate up to date and ready for use with SSL VPN and other services.

    High Availability – Hardware Failover

    For even greater resilience, the Vigor 2927 series provides High Availability (HA), with both a primary and secondary router able to provide connectivity to your network and subnets.

    In the event of the primary unit failing, the secondary unit will take its place on the network, automatically switching over to resume Internet, routing and VPN connectivity with no intervention required. This can remove the possibility of a single point of failure within your routers.

    DrayTek Vigor 2927 - High Availability

    With Config Sync, the two routers are managed as a single unit, so that any changes made to the primary router will automatically propagate to the secondary router, ensuring it’s ready to take over at any time.

    Read more about DrayTek High Availability here.

    Manage Guest WiFi with Hotspot Web Portal

    DrayTek routers make it easy to manage Guest Wireless with Hotspot Web Portal. The fully customisable captive portal can apply to both the router’s wireless networks and LAN interfaces, for use with wireless access points.

    Authentication can be handled by Google/Facebook or an external web Portal service such as Purple WiFi with RADIUS.

    Upon connecting to the wireless network, users are presented with your company’s branding and information. From there, depending on what you’ve set, they can simply click-through, provide their details or enter a PIN with Voucher generated by the router.

    Once connected, the router can allow access until a user reaches their quota limit of time connected or bandwidth used.

    Read more about Hotspot Web Portal here.

    Quality of Service & Bandwidth Control

    Prioritise latency-sensitive applications on your network with Quality of Service.

    App QoS simplifies setting up Quality of Service significantly, simply select which applications or services to prioritise, such as Zoom and Skype.

    Use 4 separate queues to give priority to servers & PCs (IP address), services such as VoIP or DNS, or packet tagging used by IP phones with 802.1p and DSCP support

    Auto Voice VLAN allows the router to automatically prioritise VoIP calls as they pass through the router without additional configuration.

    Control throughput with Bandwidth Limit, by setting speed limits for all clients individually, groups of IPs, or a shared bandwidth limit for a whole subnet, such as a Guest network.

    Central AP & Switch Management

    The Vigor 2927 manages DrayTek VigorAP access points and VigorSwitch switches connected locally to the router. This enables you to centrally control, manage and administer multiple AP & Switch devices installed around your building/campus from just the one router.

    Central AP Management

    The DrayTek Gigabit router operating as the wireless controller can provision up to 20 DrayTek VigorAP access points with Central AP Management profiles, with an option to Auto Provision – auto configuring newly installed VigorAP access points with the Auto Provisioning profile, upon initial connection to the DrayTek Vigor router’s network.

    Central Switch Management

    DrayTek VigorSwitch switches can be provisioned and managed through the router with DrayTek’s Central Switch Management system, which allows you to:

    • Easily provision VLAN configuration and other port settings directly from the router.
    • Set bandwidth rate limits and schedules for individual ports.
    • Log switch events for alert notifications if network problems occur
    • At a glance see the devices connected on your network with a virtual topology.

For more information visit the Draytek website HERE

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