Top 5 important considerations for installing a VoIP system

VoIP Phone System

Top 5 considerations for installing a VoIP phone system With the PTSN switch off planned for 2025, many businesses are looking at the best way to modernise their communications. While overhauling your entire system may seem like a daunting prospect, taking steps to prepare now will make the switch easier and could save you time […]

Say goodbye to 3G

3G network switch off

Say goodbye to 3G Mobile operators across the UK have announced plans to retire the 2G and 3G networks by 2033 in favour of 4G and 5G. With 3G consuming more energy than its modern counterparts, the decision to close the network comes at a time when energy efficiency and sustainability is a prime concern. […]

‘Smart lamp post’ pilot programme launched

Lamp post

‘Smart lamp post’ pilot programme launched Ministers have announced up to £1.5m for six local authority-led pilots to test the capacity for ‘smart multi-purpose columns’ – or lamp posts – to deliver smart services such as wifi or electric vehicle charging.   The Smart Infrastructure Pilots Programme (SIPP), a joint initiative between the Department for Science, […]

FTTP Vs Leased Line

Leased Line Fibre

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) Vs Leased Line… A company looking for the right business internet connectivity solution typically has to fight their way past a blizzard of acronyms and technical information, like an uninitiated Line of Duty viewer desperately trying to decode Ted Hastings’ latest pronouncements to his team at AC-12. They can sense […]