Business broadband connectivity - keeping your business going

The internet has revolutionised the business world and now more than ever reliable, high-speed business broadband is essential for efficiently running your business. Whether you’re using cloud based packages, VoIP business phone systems or need to regularly send and receive large files, the last thing you need is for your business to slow down because of a poor internet connect.

When it comes to business broadband connectivity there are lots of different types of technology available – from fibre broadband for general internet usage, up to leased lines, for when you need superior performance and the highest speed available.

The size of your business, how you operate and what you want to achieve will all influence which broadband technology would be most suitable for your business. As experienced managed broadband providers with offices in Chesham and Bristol, we work with companies of all sizes and will be able to tailor a solution which works perfectly for your business both now and in the future.

Fibre broadband - the new normal for business internet

If you’ve got 10 or more employees who need to access cloud based services, use VoIP business phone systems or hold regular web conference calls, then standard broadband technology may be too slow and unreliable for your business needs.

Fibre broadband will ensure efficiency and productivity by offering an extremely reliable service, super-fast connection speeds and superior bandwidth, so the speed won’t decrease as demands on the network go up.

SoGEA and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), a new technology at the forefront of fibre-optic broadband, are both possible options. We’ll help you select the one which meets the needs of your business.

Leased lines - your own private dedicated internet connection

If you need a consistent high speed with network exclusivity and priority maintenance backup, a leased line is the ideal solution.

In the past, these were primarily used by large businesses who could afford the leased line cost, but today as prices continue to fall, and with the increased reliance on fast internet speeds, these are becoming an essential tool in modern business.

Unlike standard broadband connections, where you share bandwidth with other companies, a leased line is used solely by your organisation. This means you can avoid peak time exchange congestion, or one-off events, affecting the speeds you achieve.

Our leased lines are supplied without any form of traffic restriction or usage limit. You can download at full speed all day, every day, regardless of what that traffic is made up of.

Service level agreements are in place to ensure, that regardless of the fault, or time of day, you will have members of staff from our carriers working on the issue. Time limits are clearly stated, and in the event of an unsatisfactory resolution, service credits are applied to your account. These should provide you with the peace of mind that you will get the best from us when you need us the most.