Integrating your VoIP phone system and CRM

Remembering phone numbers is a dying art. Let your VoIP phone system and CRM do the work.

Gone are the days of keeping the phone book in your head or memorising numbers and writing them down. With technology at our fingertips keeping track of our phone calls can be done with a click of a button. But why not take it one step further and simplify your business’ calling by using your VoIP phone system’s CRM integration? (If you’re yet to make the switch to VoIP, read the Top 5 considerations for installing a VoIP phone system first.)

If your business uses a CRM, it’s likely that you already make use of the automations available. These automations are great for eliminating some of the tedious admin that comes with managing a large database. Most importantly, it gives you more time to focus on building relationships with your clients. By integrating your phone system with your CRM you can also automate your call processes and make it easier to keep track of communication with clients. This means you don’t need to manually log calls or scramble to get the client’s information open when they call. Instead, have the CRM records automatically pop up when a call comes in and be ready to give them your full attention before even picking up the phone. Plus, you can use your CRM’s customisation to manage how new and existing contacts are handled and where call records are logged.


The benefits of a VoIP phone system and CRM integration
  • Make calls directly from your CRM with a single click – no copying and pasting!
  • Match the caller’s number to a record in your CRM
  • Create new client records for new numbers calling in
  • Incorporate call processes into your workflow automations
  • Keep track of all your conversation with clients, ensuring nothing gets missed
  • Save precious time!


Most CRMs have the option of integrating with an Internet based phone system. Phone systems such as 3CX and Horizon already support the larger CRMs so integrating the two is easy and can be configured following the system’s instructions. Smaller CRMs or custom applications which are not supported can still be integrated using the phone system’s API. It’s a good idea to ask your telecoms partner or IT team to do this to ensure it’s configured correctly.