What does the Copper Switch Off mean for your broadband service?

In 2025, Openreach willl be retiring the analogue network for good in favour of faster, more reliable digital solutions. The stop sell of copper products has already started and the fibre roll out is in full swing with plans to provide 25 million homes and businesses with ultrafast fibre by December 2026.

Are you ready for the Great British Switch Off?

It’s not just your telephone that runs over copper, many  broadband services use copper phone lines to deliver internet. If your business would be lost without an internet connection, it’s vital that you futureproof your broadband as well as your phones. 

The question is, how? And what are the options? Thankfully, for most of us, there are only 2 main broadband services to choose from. (If you’re in a more remote area or need faster speeds than these can offer, a leased line could be the solution for you. Read about the differences between broadband and leased lines.) What’s more, upgrading to one of these services is likely to bring cost savings as you won’t need to pay for line rental on top of the internet. And you don’t need to wait until the copper switch off in 2025 to make the change if these services are available to you now. The sooner you switch, the sooner you could start saving money.

This factsheet will help you understand the options for futureproofing your broadband ahead of the copper switch off.