How can a modern phone system enhance your business?

Modern phone systems (that run over an internet connection rather than a traditional copper line) are becoming the first choice for businesses that need a reliable and cost-effective service. With the copper switch off around the corner, digital systems are soon to be the industry standard. As a result, all businesses will need to make the switch by 2025 to continue making and receiving calls. Once in place, a new system will see you safely through the upcoming changes. Plus, you’ll be able to scale the system as your business grows.  

One of the main benefits of a modern phone system is the flexibility it offers. Systems that use VoIP are portable and work wherever you have an internet connection. Unlike a traditional phone line, the system isn’t restricted to one location or one phone. This means it can go wherever you go.

But, aside from portability, how specifically can a phone system help to improve your business operations?

Well, a modern phone system is so much more than voice calls; it can improve communication, increase productivity, reduce administration, and save time. The range of functionality available means the system can support your entire operation. As well as the basic call functions (transferring, holding etc) that most offices have come to expect from their phones, a digital system has an array of additional features that can help to streamline processes and maximise efficiency. To understand how, we’ve listed some of these features and their benefits below.

Vintage call operator

Maximise efficiency

Phone system reporting gives you a comprehensive view of your call activity, allowing you to analyse your team’s performance and uncover trends. Schedule your own reports or use the Wallboard for real-time stats. The insight this provides can help you make informed decisions about your call procedures and work more efficiently. 

CRM integration links your phone system with your customer management software. This allows you to automate many of the routine tasks associated with a call, such as noting the phone number or time spent. The outcome of this is reduced administration, less errors and more time to focus on your customers.

Streamline your process

A ‘Virtual Receptionist‘ or ‘Auto Attendant‘ is a system feature that plays a recorded message to callers with relevant information and navigates them to different departments (press 1 for accounts, 2 for sales etc.). The feature can be set up in line with your business’ structure by directing callers to specific groups, individuals or mailboxes. Having a virtual receptionist in place could cut down customer service time by routing enquiries directly to the right team or eliminating frequently asked questions.

Keep connected

Keeping your team connected wherever they are is simple with a modern phone system. Desktop and mobile apps allow you to clearly see the availability of your colleagues and contact them at the click of a button. Plus, chat and video functions make it simple to stay in touch with colleagues, as easily as if you were in the same room.

Remember the details

How many times have you come off a call and realised you’ve completely forgotten a key piece of information? With Call Recording activated, you are able to listen back to calls whenever you need. You can even save the recordings and keep a record of all correspondence with a customer. This helps to avoid inaccuracies, facilitates accountability, and enables issues to be resolved efficiently.

Stay organised

Sometimes missing a call is unavoidable, but missing an opportunity is less than ideal. When voicemails are only accessible from a single phone, there’s a higher chance of a message being inadvertently lost or deleted. With Voicemail to Email you’ll have a clear record of messages which you can organise accordingly. This feature sends an audio file of a voicemail to an email address of your choice (this could be a group or an individual depending on your process). As a result you’ll be less likely to miss important calls and could ultimately improve customer retention and sales.

Want to learn more?

These are just some of the ways a modern phone system could improve how your business operates but this is by no means an exhaustive list. For a detailed understanding of how a system can work for you, get in touch for a free, personalised appraisal. We will work with you to find the best way to optimise your telecoms and future-proof your business.