Ensure your digital receptionist is giving the best impression

What’s the first thing your customers hear when they call you?

If your phone system gives information and guides callers through a set of options when they call then you have a digital receptionist, also known as an IVR. Your digital receptionist is the first thing a customer hears when they ring you and it can make a huge difference to how your company is perceived. If the IVR sounds unnatural and robotic or the options are confusing, it can, at best, create a bad first impression and, at worst, lose you a potential customer.

Professional digital receptionist services are a very simple and cost-effective way to convey a polished image. As well as deciding on the journey you want caller’s to take, choose from a voiceover artist or an in-house AI generated recording to deliver the information. All you have to do is provide a script and we’ll create and set up the recording on your system.

Alongside your day to day messaging, the IVR can also be used for generic holiday messages such as changes to opening times or directions to the website. No more scrambling to record a last minute message every time you realise a bank holiday is around the corner.

AI? Won’t that sound like a robot? 

Surprisingly no! AI generated greetings are realistic, high-quality, and they sound professional. Plus they are budget-friendly. Many companies are now opting for AI greetings in favour of recording their own messages for the ease it provides. Generating a greeting with AI is quicker and easier than doing it yourself (no need to worry about background noise or fumbling your words!). 

Listen to a sample AI generated greeting here